How To Treat And Prevent Food Allergies On Your Pets:

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Do you notice that your dog has a habit of excessively scratching? Well one of the most common reasons could be tick and flea infestation which is quite common especially during if the weather is kind of humid. But what if your pets are tick flea what could be the other cause of itching? Dog allergy can make the lives of your pet pretty miserable. Scratching all day long deprives them from sleeping and causes them too much stress. If this happens to your pet make sure to consult a veterinarian to be able to find out the root cause of the itching. In some cases your vet may recommend you to gradually change your food by advising you to feed them with puppy grain free food. Since grain free food is organic and known to reduce food allergies in dogs.

Grain Free Pet Food can help reduce ear infections and itching on your dog. They may cost more than other commercial dog food in the market but it would be better to invest on your dogs’ health rather than treat them with antihistamines which can cause long term side effects as well.Let you vet identify what foods are causing their allergy and eliminate it from their diet. Your vet would often recommend your dog to undergo the elimination diet which takes eight to twelve weeks. The dog would be placed on a strict diet and is usually a trial and error process. Do not give your dog any treats or table food and other supplements unless your vet gives you the green light to proceed. In some cases dogs are not allowed to play with their chew toys as well.Aside from changing their diet, your pets must also have a strong immune system and antibodies to fight off allergies. Give them them their daily dose of multivitamin just like what we do to our children. Your dog’s’ gut health plays a big role on their allergies.Do not store too much dog food because exposed dry kibbles can cause mites and other insects to contaminate your dog food. This is usually the case when you feed low quality or old kibbles to your dog. They tend to eat the mites which oftentimes is not visible on the naked eye and that is where the allergy begins. As treatment to food allergies, some vets do prescribe antihistamines for the itching or corticosteroids if there is swelling involved. Some prefer to give their dogs natural treatments such as virgin coconut oil and madre de cacao products to help alleviate the itching and control the symptoms.