jailbreak iphone 4s

How To Jailbreak Iphone 5

Do you have an iPhone 5 and seek more freedom with customization and
functionality? Or are you thinking about purchasing an iPhone 5, but not sure
if its software limitations make it the right choice for you? Either way, there is a
simple solution available to you called jailbreaking- and it’s perfectly legal, safe
and repercussion-free.

Before entering a discussion of what exactly jailbreaking is and what it can do for
you, you should be familiar with Apple’s control over the devices it sells. While
Apple offers a good selection of applications and capabilities for the iPhone 5
and other devices, they place limitations that prevent users from downloading
programs or software not made by Apple. This means that if you desire a
program or application from a third-party developer, you are completely restricted
from downloading it unless you opt to jailbreak your iPhone 5.

jailbreak iphone 4s

Which leads to the question: what exactly does it mean to jailbreak the iPhone
5? Jailbreaking the iPhone 5 simply means removing the restrictions placed on
the device by Apple when you purchase it. Once you’ve jailbroken the iPhone 5,
you have access to its iOS operating system, allowing you to make any changes
and customizations you like and to freely download third-party programs. Your
freedom and options increase incredibly, as you’ll discover the many functions
your iPhone 5 can have once you’ve exited the restrictive environment created
by Apple.

While it is possible to jailbreak the iPhone 5 yourself, it is wisest to consult a
professional guide either online or in person to help you with the process. It can
be a complicated procedure to complete without the proper guidance and steps.
So once you’ve done some research and found a good guide to help, jailbreaking
your iPhone 5 will completely open up your options with and freedom over your

Jailbreak or Unlock?

While jailbreaking and unlocking both involve freeing your iPhone 5 from Apple’s
limitations, there is a major difference between the two procedures. Unlocking
the iPhone 5 breaks the lock on the SIM card so you can use whatever mobile
carrier that you want- rather than only those preferred by Apple. While this
procedure is relatively simple and helpful for expanding your freedom over
mobile carriers, you are still restricted from downloading external programs
not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking, on the other hand, frees your iPhone 5

completely from all of Apple’s restrictions so you can customize your device,
install outside applications and otherwise explore the options available to you
outside of Apple.

What Exactly are these Limitations?

For many users, the options offered by Apple are sufficient for their everyday
needs. Apple provides a functional operating system and application store with
a good selection of apps for most users. However, Apple strictly limits users
to using its own software and applications; there are thousands of outside
applications and customization options for mobile devices, unavailable to Apple
users through the default settings to jailbreak iPhone 5. For example, Apple restricts
the use of some functions available on most other mobile devices, such as
custom ringtones, customization of appearance and even photo zoom. More
tech-savvy users may become very frustrated with these limitations, and average
users often desire a higher level of freedom and customization as well.

So, is Jailbreaking Legal?

Many users are keen on the idea of jailbreaking their iPhone 5, but they often
worry about the legality of the procedure. No one wants to risk a major lawsuit
just to have more freedom over their mobile device! Luckily, jailbreaking the
iPhone 5 is completely legal so iPhone 5 users can complete the procedure
without fear of any legal repurcussions whatsoever. Users should be aware
that when they jailbreak the iPhone 5, the warranty and support from Apple is
suspended. However, the warranty and support is immediately returned if the
user simply restores the iPhone 5 back to factory settings in iTunes.

Why Jailbreak the iPhone 5?

Of the many good reasons to jailbreak the iPhone 5, freedom of use is among
the top. Many users feel that it’s unfair for Apple to keep its users within a
“walled garden” after they purchase the iPhone 5 free and clear. Once you own
a device, shouldn’t you be able to choose exactly what software goes on it, and
customize your buttons, ringtones and settings? It seems logical, but Apple
currently maintains this control over the iPhone 5 even after it’s been purchased.
But jailbreaking the iPhone 5 removes all of these limitations, expanding your
freedom of customization and functionality completely. Aside from gaining
complete freedom over the iPhone 5, here are several more reasons that many
users opt to jailbreak the iPhone 5:

Improve Convenience

While Apple does provide some apps intended to make your life easier, there
are tons of outside applications that improve productivity and convenience for
your daily life. For example, a great convenience feature you can access on a
jailbroken iPhone 5 is called SMS Quick Reply. Normally on the iPhone 5, when
you receive an SMS you must close your existing program to reply. But when
SMS Quick Reply is activated, the text pops up on your existing program so you
can respond immediately and then resume to exactly where you were on your
existing application.

Another application designed for convenience is called SBSettings. It provides
quick toggles between menus to save you time and effort when using the iPhone
5. If you’ve turned off your WiFi or 3G to save battery life while using Safari on
the EDGE network, you may want to go back and turn on 3G to load pages more
quickly. With Apple’s current system, you’d have to close Safari, go through the
menus to re-enable 3G, then re-open your Safari page. But by using SBSettings
on a jailbroken phone, you can simply swipe the status bar to enable WiFi or 3G,
then swipe away to return to your webpage.

Access to the Cydia App Store

While tech-savvy users may be able to create their own software and
applications for the jailbroken iPhone 5, most users will seek a way to access
outside applications easily. There is a perfect solution called Cydia- a gigantic
application store for jailbroken iPhones that allows users to install a wide variety
of applications not available by Apple. There are contributions from many
independent software developers, including all kinds of useful and creative
applications for your jailbroken iPhone 5. Cydia is great for people who aren’t
necessarily super tech-savvy, because it’s very easy to search for apps and
download them to the iPhone 5 once it’s jailbroken.

Customize your iPhone 5

Another major reason that many users choose to jailbreak the iPhone 5 is to
customize their device, making it unique to them. While Apple’s current interface
is functional enough, it doesn’t allow room for creativity of appearance. Once
you jailbreak the iPhone 5, you can install third-party applications that let you
customize everything from the background to the appearance of buttons, keypad
and more. Winterboard is a great application that offers plenty of options, such as
using a rotating slide show of web images or even a video as your background.

Not only does jailbreaking the iPhone 5 provide tons of benefits for you as a
user, but it’s essentially risk and stress-free because the procedure is completely
reversible. If you decide that you want to regain the Apple’s warranty and
support, all you have to do is restore the iPhone 5 back to factory settings in
iTunes, and the jailbreak will be reversed and you will have your Apple support

Update: There is now an easy guide that has been put out to jailbreak iPhone 5. Simple visit this page from The Jailbreak Shop and it will give you easy directions to follow in the youtube video.