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Edit: This post below is VERY outdated and contains old information. For all of the latest jailbreaking capabilities just click on the banner above, or visit TheJailbreakShop.com. 

The Jailbreak Shop can jailbreak any iDevice, even the iPad mini. 

iOS 6 on an iPad Mini? Josh Smith, writing for gottabemobile.com(11/05/2012), reports on this mysterious app. Is it the same app as the iPhone 5? Over on redmondpie.com, Paul Morris uncovers the failbreak: Apple’s own top secret jailbreak project that they only use to plug all exploits. Paul Morris provides a screenshot of root on an iPad mini – where did he get that?? This is your Kool Aid free guide to jailbreaking the iPad Mini.

Is it Free?

The jailbrake for the newest iPad Mini may not be here by the holidays, but if you want to jailbreak your phone before then you still have lots of options. iOS 6 is already available jailbroken for all iDevices except the iPhone 5 and the new iPad mini, both of which use the new A5 processor – although, the iOS 6 jailbreak is still tethered. Gross! This just means that if you ever want to reboot, you’ll have to reinstall your jailbreak. 

Install the Tether

And for that you’ll have just have to visit RedSn0w’s official website! Yes, it’s RedSn0w with the first jailbreak again, iOS 6 for 1st and 2nd gen iPad mini. iOS 6 shows a major transition for  Apple. The major updates include adding buying movie ticket capability to Apple Siri and the first ever Apple Maps without Google. Apple’s opened up development for Maps with the $99 Developer license that actually lets you compile; Maps has evolved with version 6.1 (this is the first release without the google  Maps API). So aside from a few security fixes in 6.0.1 and 6.0.2, there’s plenty of room for app developers and performance modders to go full speed ahead with their craft. Like mycelia, jailbreak apps for iOS 6 are reaching tendrils towards Cydia app store. However, for now iOS 6 is only good for session-style use, like a window of Firefox, except a whole operating system, or virtual box – in fact, the term jailbreaking supposedly comes from FreeBSD Unix, where a BSD jail partitioned the Unix operating system into virtual environments.

jailbreak the ipad mini

Trying different jailbreak mods one per session could be a fun, free way to wait for the holidays – all the major hacker teams like Absinthe’s Green Poison team and iPhone Dev Team (makers of RedSn0w) and Sn0wbreeze have an iOS 6 app out. If you follow each apple update, from 6.0.1 to 6.1 you’ll encounter each mod along the way. Lifehacker recommends backing up all your data before upgrading to a new jailbreaked OS – but if you want to use the latest and greatest and install a live operating system in one session, you won’t need to back up a lot of this data. Installation is five minutes and a few clicks away!

Jailbreak iPad Mini

iPad Mini Installation ToolKit

Especially if you’ve already jailbroken your phone, making a quick checklist before you wipe your operating system could show you favorite apps you might throw away. Of course, riding from jailbreak to jailbreak as Apple drags developers along in the wake of three new flagships will sail right by the best thing about jailbreaking your iPhone – the apps! Here are the essential apps you’ll need to navigate through the hidden permissions of your phone to get to Cydia, an online marketplace for jailbreak-only phones.

iBootify: iBootify is the app that installs both RedSn0w and Absinthe, so it’s going to be an indispensible tool as you install a new iOS.

SAM: If your app requires another install method, which could range from OTA (“over the air”) to SSH, you might need some special gadgets. SAM is a SIM card unlocker – some live operating systems will just install complete off the SIM card, while other uses of SAM include a resource for downloading apps once you’ve already booted a new iOS.

Cydia: Cydia is the peak of the journey jailbreaking your iPhone – when you reach the Cydia app marketplace, you’ve arrived at the Holy Grail.

How to Jailbreak iPad Mini

Install 5.1.1

Free yourself from the tether of only getting one session at a time with your jailbroken operating system – iOS 5.1.1 is still the latest untethered iOS. Lifehacker publishes a guide for mirroring iOS 6 out of apps on Cydia. Some apps like Waze and a map with traffic build on iOS 5′s strong map app. iOS 6′s Maps is the first without Google Maps – will this mean that iPhone users will rely on open source developers like jailbreakers and projects like the open street maps project when Apple forsakes Google maps? We’ll only know after this holiday season Jaillbreaking your iPad 1 or iPad 2 could be a fun and free way to spend your holidays. And with 5.1.1′s complete, untethered iOS, you won’t ever get stuck transitioning from iPhone, experimental jailbreak, and tethered brick.

RedSn0w is infamous for being the first team to jailbreak iOS 5 early this summer. While SnowBreeze rules the wintry iOS 6 and updates, 5.1.1′s successful jailbreak by both RedSn0w and Absinthe showed the full capabilities of jailbreaking an iPhone that rivalled the freedom of Android custom ROMs. So far the failbreak catch, where so far developers like planetbeing and others have paid the $99 developers fee only to have their work amalgamated into the mainframe (main-fork) iOS 6. So close! And planetbeing had already developed a kernel that linked iOS 6 with the iPhone 5. Where will this lead?

Forbes magazine reports that jailbreaked iOS 5.1.1 is only available for older A4 chipsets – iPhone 5 users, many blogs are predicting that the iPhone 5 will be jailbroken this winter. RedSn0w is already up to 0.9.15beta3, and the active development seems to be at cruising altitude with new features added and an effortless install that only takes a single click. If you haven’t explored the world of Cydia yet, just seeing it isn’t enough – your iPhone 4 chip will attract envious looks from the iPhone 5 all season with iOS 5.1.1 that’s jailbroken and untethered.

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