Essential Areas In A Bedroom That Need Proper Lighting

Most people who still use non-LED bulbs nowadays tend do so due to the fact that they are unaware of just how hazardous poor lighting conditions can be. Development of poor eyesight due to constant eye strain is just one consequence of working in dimly lit places. Therefore it’s important to understand that good lighting conditions is a must, especially in places like your workplace and your house where you spend a lot of time. When it comes to your bedroom, lighting places a crucial role in places such as your closet and writing desk.

Bedroom Mirrors

Good mirror lighting in both the bedroom and the bathroom is essential for a variety of purposes ranging from accurate dental care and shaving to the precise application of makeup. Most people do not consider the fact that the mirror area should be specially illuminated apart from the other areas of the bedroom and others just cannot bear the hassle of buying special vanity mirrors. However, with the use of LED strip lights around your mirror, you can greatly improve the lighting situation in that area by creating your own makeshift vanity mirror which will help you carry out your activities with more ease. 

Walk-in Closets

In walk-in closets the most essential areas to add light fixtures is within the cupboards. For this, the most convenient type of fixture to use is a downlight. A 12v downlight is a type of fixture that is usually fixed onto ceilings in order to project a beam downwards, hence its name. However these can also be fixed onto walls which makes it ideal for downlights to be fixed within walk in closets. Good lighting in a walk-in closet can help you pick out your outfits faster and with a lot of ease. Additionally it can help you make the most of your existing closet space.

Writing Table

When you receive perfect lighting in your desk area, it helps increase your productivity rate by helping you deal with your workload easier and faster. The best lighting for any working area is always natural light, but in the absence of natural light most people opt to use a desk lamp as well. Additionally, overhead lights can also be fixed near your table to receive an optimum level of light as in poor lighting conditions, you would have to squint or strain your eyes constantly which will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your eye muscles. Thus a desk lamp should be used or a downlight should be fixed above your desk.